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From burners to incense, we have a large selection of hot selling new products.

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"It's a retailer's dream."

"This is the best incense ever."

"There have been days that the only sale we will have in a day is Wild Berry Incense."

Badd Catts Sports has two stores in Indiana, one in Vincennes, and one in Evansville.  Call us for their address and phone number.

"Sydney your service is the best."

G.F.D. Imports Wholesale Company has been conveniently located in the mid-west for seven years. We have made frequent trips overseas to purchase unique quality hand-made items personally. That is why we were so excited to find something so close to home that is the best... WildBerry Incense ® !!!

WildBerry Incense ® has been hand-dipped in Oxford, Ohio since 1971. In the past three years we have gone world-wide with these incredible, unbeatable fragrance products and are proud to offer them to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. G.F.D. Imports has an excellent record of customer satisfaction--you can ask any of our thousands of happy customers.

Thank you for coming and visiting!! We can't wait to hear from you as a customer!!

Sydney Ferrario
Director of Marketing

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